Tucker Farms, Inc.
Certified Seed and Tablestock Potato Varieties
Parentage: Monona x Allegheny
Released: 1996
Breeder/Agency: Robert Plaisted, Cornell University

Commentary:  Reba, introduced in 1996, quickly became one of the top ten varieties grown in New York State.  It was named in 1997 after the recently-late wife of Murray Mahaney, an Arkport, NY potato grower who worked for many years with the Cornell University potato breeding program

Production Characteristics
  • Maturity: Mid-to-late season, similar to Atlantic or Monona
  • Yield: 325 cwt/a. (marketable), sizes early
  • Specific gravity: Slightly greater than Monona (1.074 to 1.076)
  • Tuber set: Medium
  • Nitrogen: 100-125 lb/a (mineral soils); 80 lb/a (muck)
  • Diseases: Resistant to golden nematode Ro1, common scab, verticillium wilt, early blight.  Moderately resistant to hollow heart & brown center. Susceptible to late blight, leaf hopper, CPB, pink rot, PVY
  • Storage: Stores well with few problems. Medium to long dormancy. Chips well from 45 F storage
  • Market: Tablestock, chipstock. Suitable for home gardeners and market gardeners
  • Advantages: High quality, attractive tubers with good yields. Early sizing which can produce larger tuber size
Physical Characteristics
  • Plant
    • Growth habit: Medium to tall, semi-erect, stems not pigmented; prominent, waved, single-wings; nodes slightly swollen. Leaves and stems are medium-dark green
    • Inflorescence: Pure white, except in the center near the anther where they are yellow-green. Very low frequency; small white corolla; light green calyx; orange anther; flower buds and pedicles not pigmented
  • Tubers
    • Eyes: Shallow to medium eyes, well distributed. Deeper at apical end
    • Flesh: Bright white flesh
    • Shape: Round to oval to oblong
    • Skin: Smooth, bright white to buff colored
Culinary Characteristics
  • Taste/flavor: Excellent flavor--one of the highest rated in taste-tests
  • Texture after cooking: Firm, moist. Does not slough after boiling
  • Uses: Good for baking (not too dry, not too moist), potato salads, boiling, mashing, chipping
  • Presentation: No darkening (greying) after boiling