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Certified Seed and Tablestock Potato Varieties
Salem Salem, released as NY-84
Parentage: Rosa (1980) x NY-66
Released: 1994 (as NY-84)
Breeder/Agency: Robert L. Plaisted, et al., Cornell University

Commentary: For reasons known only to himself, Dr. Plaisted never 'officially' released the Salem variety. Instead, in 1994, he unofficially and without publicity 'released' it, as NY-84 as it was then known, to Royce Atwater and to Albert Sheldon, Washington County potato growers, the former, a seed grower and the latter a commercial grower, both from Salem, NY, hence the name. In 1997, these growers suggested calling it Salem. Unfortunately, the latter date (1997) is often misconstrued as the release date.

Production Characteristics
  • Maturity: Mid-season; tubers start sizing almost as early as Superior--they will get huge if you let them
  • Yield: High, 114% of Atlantic and Katahdin
  • Tuber Set: Heavy (avg. 8.6 tubers per foot)
  • Nitrogen: 120 to 150 lb/a. is recommended
  • Specific Gravity: 1.061 to 1.074, avg. 1.069; equiv. Monona
  • Diseases: Very resistant to common scab. Resistant to Golden nematode, hollow heart, brown center, internal necrosis. May be susceptible to vascular discoloration. Moderately susceptible to early blight, late blight (US-1 genotype). Very susceptible to pink rot, late blight (US-8 genotype)
  • Storage: Excellent. Dormancy is two weeks longer than Katahdin or Atlantic
  • Market: Mid-season, fresh and tablestock
  • Advantages: Early emergence, does well with adequate moisture. Very attractive tubers. Few pickouts or internal defects. A dependable, all-purpose potato with known characteristics
Physical Characteristics
  • Plant
    • Habit, canopy: Upright habit, early emergence, vigorous growth
    • Inflorescence: White flowers, yellow anthers
    • Stems: Green
    • Leaves: Green
  • Tubers
    • Shape: Uniformly round to oblong, mostly round, slightly flattened. Attractive. Size similar to Katahdin
    • Eyes: Shallow
    • Skin texture: Smooth skinned, bright appearance
    • Skin Color: Buff
    • Flesh Color: Bright white
Culinary Characteristics
  • Taste/flavor: : Distinctive, strong. Very highly rated
  • Texture after cooking: Moist (waxy), creamy. Generally firm, but may slough after boiling
  • Uses: Excellent for boiling and mashing (creamy texture), baking (it will be moist, but still flavorful), good for roasting, casseroles and potato salads. When fried, the skin will tend to be crispy, but inside will be creamy. Resists graying after boiling, but a faint yellowish cast may remind one of yellow-fleshed varieties
  • Presentation: Same as any white-fleshed, all-purpose potato