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As of 25 August 2013, we have had a functioning seismic recording station (site code H58A) at Tucker Farms.

Ironically, a mere two hours before it was installed, a magnitude 2.7 earthquake hit near Lake George.

Seismic Station

EarthScope Seismic Station

EarthScope is a National Science Foundation (NSF) project to investigate the structure of the North American continent and the physical processes controlling earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. IRIS is a not-for-profit consortium of more than 100 U.S. universities, manages facilities for seismological research and is responsible for the installation, operation and removal of earthquake monitoring equipment of EarthScope under a cooperative agreement with the NSF.

Tucker Farms' EarthScope seismic station code is H58A. It is a 'transportable array', abbrev. TA.

For how this all works, we suggest our readers go to this website: USArray A Continental-scale Seismic Observatory

Links to seismograms at Station H58A, Gabriels, NY:
Note: Times shown there will always be in Universal Time (UTC), a.k.a. Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) starting 24 hours before present. To convert to local time in Gabriels, NY, one needs to subtract 4 hours from UTC or GMT time.

USArray TA (Transportable Array) Work Map - shows all of the EarthScope seismic stations in the eastern half of US and Canada. Each station is listed by its station code which visitors to this website can plug in to various seismic station monitors to view the seismogram for that station.