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TuckerTaters Sold Locally since the 1920s
Don Tucker, our Dad, began peddling potatoes to various Tri-Lakes stores and restaurants in 1943, taking over from his father, Joseph J. Tucker who had been selling his Green Mountain potatoes locally since the mid-1920s; His brother-in-law, Frank Hobart, had been selling his prize-winning Green Mountain potatos for some fifteen years before that. Needless to say we have a long history in the local potato business. TuckerTaters potatoes have been continuously available in the Tri-Lakes area since then and most probably well before then. Frank Hobart's grandfather came to this area where he took up farming before 1860. While details are lacking, we can only assume that he grew potatoes for his family and sold the extras to his neighbors. While the marketplace has changed considerably since those days, one can still buy locally-grown Tucker Farms potatoes, if one knows where to look. If you are unable to travel to Gabriels and meet with Steve or Tom to buy TuckerTaters directly at the farm, then the following vendors may be a convenient alternative. As purveyors of TuckerTaters potatoes for many years, these vendors will work with you to meet your individual potato needs. You need only ask them.
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