Tucker Farms, Inc.
photo: Steve Tucker (left), Tom Tucker (right)
Why Buy Seed and Tablestock Potatoes from Tucker Farms?Tucker Farms
  • Tucker Farms is family owned and operated, giving personal attention to detail and quality.
  • We use only the highest quality nuclear seed stock from the Uihlein Farm of Cornell University. Please note that Uihlein Seed Farm nuclear seed is offered to growers after only two field generations.
  • Our entire potato acreage is entered into the state certification program for limited generation foundation and certified seed and for many years all of Tucker Farms' seed potatoes have met the rigorous requirements for NYS foundation seed.
  • All of Tucker Farms' potatoes are pre-sorted and pre-graded into boxes from the bulk trucks before being placed in storage. This not only gives us precise inventory control, but improves air circulation and eliminates any possibility of pressure bruise resulting in the highest quality tablestock and seed potatoes.
  • All Tucker Farms' seed potatoes are limited generation, i.e. we have a two year 'flush-out' policy. This means all Tucker Farms certified and foundation seed is only the fourth field generation, or rarely, five years from pathogen-free in vitro plantlets at the Uihlein Farm.
  • All of our potato fields are on a three year crop rotation.
  • Tucker Farms enjoys the advantages of isolation from other potato operations and farming in general: Except for the Uihlein Seed Farm, only two other potato operations are located within 8 miles (and both are certified seed growers).
  • Tucker Farms uses no sprout inhibitors on any of its potatoes. While this an obvious anathema to a seed grower, it ought to be an equally obvious benefit to consumers who object to excessive use of chemicals on their vegetables.
  • Tucker Farms avoided the late blight (Phytophthora infestans) which plagued the Northeast and Midwest in 2009.
Bacterial ring rot has not been detected in any seed lot of any NYS seed grower since 1987